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Katrina Animation Collaboration

Katrina Animation Collaboration

The Katrina Animation Collaboration
April 10-12th, 2006
Baton Rouge, LA

In the days immediately following Hurricane Katrina and then Rita, East Baton Rouge Parish schools swelled with over 10,000 new students. Although this influx shook Baton Rouge, the city has worked hard to rise from the devastation and create new opportunities for people to work and live. At Listen Up!, we jumped at the chance to be a part of that change.

In April 2006, Listen Up! led a group of teachers and students in a three-day animation filmmaking workshop. While filmmaking is an excellent way for these students to learn skills they'll need for a new technology-based economy, animation is also an anonymous way for them to speak out about their experiences in the aftermath of the hurricanes. As a methodology, filmmaking can be used in the classroom to make a broad range of subject matter more engaging, participatory and fun.

Watch a SHORT FILM about the workshop.

Meet the teachers, students and organizers.

To make the workshop happen, we went to our Youth Media Network. We asked Clifford Cohen of AnimAction to run a two-day development training in animation filmmaking. Our goal was to help nine teachers acquire the knowledge and tools they'll need to teach animation to their students. The proof was in the pudding. On the third and final day of the training, the teachers trained 70 of their students to produce eight short animated films.

Watch the films here:
"Birds of a Feather, Stick Together" by Scotlandville Middle School - meet the team
"Monster Storm" by Istrouma High Team #1 - meet the team
"Karita's Big Game" by Woodlawn High Team #1 - meet the team
"Stay Informed, Be Prepared" by Baton Rouge High Team #1 - meet the team
"Channel 2" by Baton Rouge High Team #2 - meet the team
"N.O. Place Like Home" by Louisiana School for the Deaf - meet the team
"Reunited" by Istrouma High Team #2 - meet the team
"Pelican Pete's Patch Up" by Woodlawn High Team #2 - meet the team

Interested in what Listen Up! can do for your school or district?
Listen Up! believes filmmaking can make any school more exciting and relevant - especially for students whose lives are immersed in a world of television, movies, music and internet. We run teacher development trainings in all aspects of media production: documentary filmmaking, animation, narrative filmmaking, media literacy and others. We can help you create a new program or enhance an existing project or class. As a national network, we'll be there for you in the long haul, providing support to keep your filmmaking program growing!

Contact us at about our teacher development trainings and see how we can make our national youth media network work for you.

The Katrina Animation Collaboration was made possible by the following organizations
Listen Up!
The Red Stick International Animation Festival
FilmAid International

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