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Rakshitha's Story

Rakshitha's Story

What does it mean for the children of India, especially girls, to get an education? One young woman tells how going to school has transformed her life and how providing an education for all kids can transform her country.


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Cute way of representation. Nice variety of footage. Overall, well done.

Allyssa Kaiser  |  October 05, 2008

Congratulations Suresh! I'm so proud of you! Your film was thoughtfully planned and I'm so grateful that you chose to highlight the need for ALL children to recieve a well-rounded and ENJOYABLE education, especially the GIRLS!!! You all deserve an A+ for sure! Sincerely, Robin

Robin L. Kirk Armstrong  |  October 21, 2007

It is so nice to hear about your experience at your school and with your animation workshop!

Emily Bennison  |  May 23, 2007

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