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Welcome Back to Earth

Welcome Back to Earth

Music video produce by Craig Chupinsky and Max Landry for the band 'Landry'. Landry consists of 3 brothers and a close friend. The song 'Welcome Back to Earth' is about a girl that has time for everyone else expect for this one person. This girl doesn't pay any attention to this person and looks though him as if he were a ghost.

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Craig Chupinsky

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The Cat's Eye News

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MacKenzie  |  December 06, 2007

Why do you have double bass in your video it doesnt sound very good but sweet set

Pablo  |  October 23, 2007

Great Job, really enjoyed it!

Anne Bezio  |  August 16, 2007

Great job on both the video and the music! I'm surprised that such young people can do such professional work. It was an exciting looking and sounding video.

maxine gerhard  |  June 24, 2007

I am impressed by the camerawork and editing - the look of the piece is really nice and the variety and quality of the video composition is refreshing. My one real critique is that there is a narrative that is started with the opening shot that is quickly dropped. I suggest developing that story more or leaving it out altogether. Good job though!

Emily Bennison  |  June 19, 2007

This video is great. i love the effect throughout the video is perfect for the message and feeling of the video

Scott Smith  |  June 17, 2007

YoYo dis hur vid is tizzzight. i love is man. dis my jammmmm. woot woot to landry and the editing is siiiiick

Lindsey Celeski  |  June 17, 2007

This vid is sweet. its tight and ive honestly watched it so many times

Chelsea  |  June 17, 2007

This video was well done. Landry seems to be on the right page with their musical career

K Tonk  |  June 17, 2007

sweet music video. the storyline is very creative and i really like the camera angles.

hollie p  |  June 17, 2007

this song is so good. cant wait for the next music video. keep it up!

audrey  |  June 17, 2007

It was very difficult filming this but craig and max did a fantastic job filming and editing it

Ben L  |  June 17, 2007

I have worked with these guys for art work. and the video was very well done. This is a great video and are great to work with. The shots were great and the story line was well done

Camron Lewis  |  June 17, 2007

This video is really great. i love the Shots that pan around the group

Audra Kristofik  |  June 17, 2007

I was very impressed by the young talent displayed throughout this video.

Bonnie  |  June 17, 2007

This movie is adorable! Craig you're super sweet! This makes me want to join a band!!

Emily Hall  |  June 17, 2007

wow, some really fine young talent both in video production and musical fields

LS  |  June 17, 2007

wow, i love them!!! i hope they make another video!

jenna  |  June 17, 2007

i love this song, i could listen to this group sing all day. great music video. can't wait to see more

Ruth Ann  |  June 17, 2007

this is such a good music video. it looks so professional. i love it

Arlie  |  June 17, 2007

The Video was very cool. i likes to effect throughout the video. it gave a grungier and deeper look the the whole thing. good work guys

Andrew Nickels  |  June 17, 2007


E. Lyons  |  June 17, 2007

Max, Craig...Bravo. hats off, great flick

M Gouba  |  June 17, 2007

Yo Dude........AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

dimitri  |  June 17, 2007

This video rocks!!! Way to go, Baby Brother! You're gonna win! :)

Erin Chupinsky  |  June 17, 2007

NICE! The video was really well put together. Catchy lyrics and a great over all vibe form the vid.

Jeff  |  June 17, 2007

This video rocks!!! Way to go, Baby Brother! You're gonna win! :)

Erin Chupinsky  |  June 17, 2007

This video is simply stunning

Andrew N.  |  June 17, 2007

Great video over all. The shot when the cupboard closed and the singer is right behind it is simply amazing. snaps to you guys

G dawg  |  June 17, 2007

The video was clearly well thought out before shooting it. Which is the best thing you can do. They really hit the spot with he band shots. the camera work really was well done.

C.R.  |  June 17, 2007

This video is amazing. The use of video effects were great. The panning shot around the band were perfect. these guys are going big.

Alex S.  |  June 17, 2007

The video looks no different than any you might find on MTV or VH1. Its story line seamed a hair weak, but the shots with the band were very strong and very good.

Matt  |  June 17, 2007

im not much of a person who watches music videos, but this video makes me want to turn on the tv anytime! great work boys!!

Denise  |  June 17, 2007

WOW!! thats all i can say, this video is amazing, every part of it!

Jenna  |  June 17, 2007

Everything in this video is literally perfect.

michele miller  |  June 16, 2007

I like the band and their song. I felt as though I was hearing them play live. Their energy is terrific. But I didn't see the storyline as described in the caption. The guys seem more interested in their guitars and the camera then in girls.

Liz  |  June 16, 2007

Wow. This video is sweet. I like the story line and not only the musical performance, but the acting skills used to portray the perfect feeling of being "nobody" I hope you win..

Jackson W.  |  June 16, 2007

This was great. The best I've seen. Hope it wins. I give it a five plus.

Carol  |  June 16, 2007

It's TV quality.

Marv  |  June 16, 2007

One of the most amazing things i have seen you guys do in a long time. keep up the good work. love the splitscreen and the fading. great lighting too.

Andrew K.  |  June 15, 2007

I love this video. the shots and lighting were clearly thought out before shooting. This illusion, springs forth the Fusion...sands upon us, bring a revolution.

Evan L.  |  June 15, 2007

Gotta say, this group beats out 9 out of 10 groups that appear on Jay leno, the only place I observe "new music groups" This piece Back to Earth was totally captivating. Even to my 61 year old damaged ears I could still understand every word and the loudest parts were not distorted as I would have expected. Whether this was due to the excellence of the band or the technical skill of the mixer/audio controller. Me thinks both would be correct. The timing of most parts was as good or better than big budget music videos I have occasionally viewed/heard. The Technical level was excellent throughout. I was amazed that I didn't have to make any tone adjustments at all. The driving base line grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. what a treat. The universal ageless angst of rejection will have a wide audience FIRST CLASS production values. Thanks for providing such fine work. Pay attention to the business aspect of your group and I expect I’ll see you at 12:30am on J.L. Soon. Carl

Carl Bolognino  |  June 15, 2007

Excellent visualization of your concept. Great attention to detail and continuity. Visual themes carry on through the entire piece. Well thought-out lighting and film-look FX. It was obviously planned to have that look before shooting began. Excellent use of dolly shots during band performance. Nice use of rack focus in both the storyline and performance sections. Good camera presence by the band. Great audio.

D. Legg  |  June 15, 2007

From the first time I heard this video I knew these guys were going to be a big name. The talent is a gift from God and well beyond their ages. The videography was captivating, well done and kept you wanting to look around the corner to see what was coming next. Great job guys, I know you will do quite well. We'll be following your moves. Best wishes in the contests as well. MaryV

maryv  |  June 09, 2007

This video is sweet!!!!!!!! Craig and Max are amazing producers!!!!! Everyone should vote for this!!!

Margie  |  June 08, 2007

This is one of the best student produced video's that I have seen. It's amazing!!! I hope they make more videos. Texas Loves it!!!!!

Chelsea L  |  June 08, 2007

This video rocks my socks off!! It is definetly the best music video alive. Vote it number uno.

Danielle  |  June 08, 2007

youve really out done yourself chups. all i have to say is you are amazing. simply words cannot describe what you have been able to acheive this year. your driven as much as you are creative. JP-T, angela

angela fancy pants  |  June 08, 2007

For me, it was just 'eh'

Roi  |  June 08, 2007


Vidhi  |  June 08, 2007

Decent job. Nothing special.

Susan  |  June 08, 2007

What else can be expected from the Cat's Eye News? Good work

Savita Chandrasekaran  |  June 08, 2007

Somehow, after hearing this song soo many times, i'm not sick of it!

Arthi Chandrasekaran  |  June 08, 2007

This was very well done. I like the look of the band doing a live show, it's awesome, the camera work, everything. The story could have been a little more clear but other than that, good work I mean it.

Jonathan Rodriguez - Director/Can You Hear?  |  June 08, 2007

Great music video! Catchy lirics with great vocals. I really loved all the close-ups and attention to detail in the shot. My two favorite shots were the focusing on the guitar bridge in the beginning and the close-up on the guitar then transition to the singer and the mike then zoom in on the singer behind him in the middle. Great artistic details, it's been missing a lot in recent videos. The scenes with all the shadows were great too, it must have been hard for the camera crew to keep themselves from casting shadows into the shot. The storyline shots show that a lot of thought went into them, must have been a lot of collaberation between the band and the director.

Jonathon C.  |  June 08, 2007

The music video of Welcome Back to Earth was awesome. Landry's vocals rocks and the camera work was extremely well done

Sarah Rybicki  |  June 06, 2007

Props on the cinematography

P  |  June 06, 2007

Very well done. Energetic performances from the band, good song, some great cinematography throughout.

Joseph Campbell  |  June 06, 2007

This video is really good. I mean there are parts where it looks straight up proffessional. I am highly impressed by the video editing and the actual musicians. Nice job!

Mihnea Munteanu  |  June 05, 2007

I live in a cold place,but this song is hot!

Joeanil Barrversu  |  June 05, 2007

I was absolutely amazed by the pure awesomeness of the video and the lyrics. The actress playing max's love interest seemed familiar. Weird, she looks so much like his girlfriend, great casting.

Scott Smith  |  June 04, 2007

Great video! Very creative and well produced.

Alex  |  June 04, 2007

WOW!!!!! what can i say... everything about this is amazing. It deserves to be on VH1/ MTV... I totally vote 5 stars

Sara  |  June 03, 2007

Hey, they played this song at Relay for Life last night and I really liked it. I didn't really get the story but I loved the filming and the song itself. Good work!

Kathryn  |  June 03, 2007

Haha. that video was sweet. i liked all the band shots plus the storyline. it was great when she hung up on you at the end. good video. i enjoyed it.

ravi r  |  June 03, 2007

I think it was great! Especially the band shots. The band sounds great in the video and are great live. May you found worldwide success like the Sick Puppies did on Utube. Where do I get the CD? (A little constructive criticism. Watch the details in all that you do - you have a "spello" in your intro blurb to the song... you use the word "expect" instead of "except".)

gk  |  June 02, 2007

I love this video/song!! I can't stop singing it!! I saw them live and they are right on with the original recording they made!! Landry is da bomb yo!!!

Dean  |  June 02, 2007

I really liked it and thought it was very well done. The story line could have used a bit more development, but the shots with the band were nice since that's how they really perform when they're doing a live show. Keep up the good work!

Kaitlyn H  |  June 01, 2007

Simply can't be beaten. Great story and Beautiful Cinematography

Gannon  |  June 01, 2007

that motion picture is soo Phat i nearly crapped on my mama. but for real. how old are these guys? like twelve? nah but for real. that's my jam. i never heard of these guys until i got to college and even just the four songs they have on their myspace blows my knickers away. chea. holla!

Tommy K  |  June 01, 2007

So im gonna have to agree with most people here and say that you all did a good job, somebody gave me the link to it and told me it was a local band and i immediately thought it would suck. I was impressed though, you guys did good, some suggestions though: the bass lines in the beginning are good, i like how you really turned the bass up in the beginning, but the end was much better. i'd make rhythm/lead guitar more loud when they join in the beginning, the slower aspect is good, but i'd really use more lead/rhythm. great sound considering equipment as well.

chas  |  June 01, 2007

This band is amazing and the video is even better. They're great live and on camera!

Jeff Wardrope  |  June 01, 2007

I thought this video was amazingly produced, this band has come a long way and is going to make it big some day. -Goeey

The Lizz  |  June 01, 2007

Hey guys... i thought the video was pretty good. Music was better than what I thought it was going to be. keep up the good work.

Paul  |  June 01, 2007

I think this video is very overrated. The song is very simple and is nothing different from other mainstream artists. I would like to see more effort on this originality aspect of it because this is a copy off every rock video made. This video comes up short of amazing. The video could have been a bit more exciting.

Someone  |  June 01, 2007

I love this video and Craig did an awesome job with it! The angles, lighting and all of the cuts are really good. Go Team!

Sam Bourque  |  June 01, 2007

That a really awesome video. and to think that those are high schoolers one of them only a freshmen.

Joe Burris  |  June 01, 2007

good thing I am not rating the band :P... nice video.. maybe a little more narrative, i enjoyed the overhead shot of the drummer

Bre Blaesing  |  June 01, 2007

Craig's editing is amazing!

sandon  |  June 01, 2007

Wow... this is one of the best music videos I have seen in a while. I think it deserves some true air time. I love the story line, I love the effects, and I love the song. This combination deserves 5 stars!!!

Sara  |  June 01, 2007

it truly was amazing, great job with the video, Landry itself, and all the success it has been rewarded

Raquel  |  June 01, 2007

This video is amazing...Landry is the best band in the world... and that max landry kid is quite the stud

Todd Thurman  |  June 01, 2007

nice work guys :) p.s. ben i miss you!

Alyssa  |  June 01, 2007

This music video is very well made. oh wait, these kids just graduated high school?! NO WAY. someone better snatch them up and bank off of them before they get too big

Tim Min  |  June 01, 2007

This is an excellent song, and the video was done very well

dan B  |  June 01, 2007

This video is amazing. The band is amazing. Everything about it is amazing. Craig and Max are geniuses and I think I just made up that spelling. :) Yay Landry!!

Tina  |  June 01, 2007

This is a cool song and the best part is that max is in it...he's so hot

nick lichorobiec  |  June 01, 2007

Te Vez Bien

Kamal  |  June 01, 2007

Outstanding. Simply outstanding. Very professionally done, considering how young some of the group is.

Patrick Carroll  |  June 01, 2007

it was very good.....

lauren Purdy  |  June 01, 2007

I think you guys can really go somewhere with your music. The video is awesome. Keep playing and making videos

Mike  |  June 01, 2007

There's some really great shots and they're all put together very well. The editing and music make this a great video.

Megan Sanctorum  |  June 01, 2007

Great performance, great sound, great videography. Looks and sounds like a big time track.

dan chupinsky  |  May 31, 2007

I love the song! Landry is very talented and will make it far. The video was great! Both Craig and Max did a wonderful job editing it!

Jean  |  May 31, 2007

This Music vid is off the hook

Kurt Rice  |  May 30, 2007

thought the editing was awsome and the music was great i think you guys will definatly get somewhere someday. though the story i dindt quit follow

jack  |  May 30, 2007

The Camera Work on this video is outstanding. The Music and the Artists are very good at what they do. The editing of this film was done very well

Stephanie Jirasek  |  May 30, 2007

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