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Cross Over

Cross Over

A music video created by residents of The Bridge, a drug and alcohol treatment center for teens in Philadelphia. Music written by Steve Longenbach, Terrance Bostic, Hector Santiago Joseph Finnegan, Raheem Tawfiq, and Mike Taylor. Starring Joe Finnegan, Steven Longenbach, Terrance Bostic, Hector Santiago. Filmed by Amir Garwood, Josh McLaughlin, Keron Ramberon

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Christian Fusco

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Checked out the video and the soundtrack, All sounds and looks great. All involved have played their part in producing a nice peice of work. Keep it moving!

Darren  |  July 10, 2007

Great concept. I like how you wrapped the "gun story" around the rap sections. Good use of reverse angle shots in the opening and ending. Some shots could be shorter, like the handgun shot in the opening. After the first rap section it seemed to be a little repetitive-- all of the sections are very similar in pacing and in their structure. The bus window key effect in the first rap section really works well, but some of the other ones seem confusing-- how do they relate to each other? Some seem to be scenery while others seem more introspective. The best part of the video is that it seems very honest and real. I like the build-up of getting off of the bus, then cutting back to the handgun scene at the end, with the final decision.

D. Legg  |  June 15, 2007

It was pretty well done... some shots seemed repetitive... good camera work... some lyrics were kinda strange... catchy beat

Craig Chupinsky  |  June 11, 2007

Great song with solid message. I really love how the different verses had a unique look to them and how the whole piece flowed together. Great job!

Emily Bennison  |  June 11, 2007

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