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The Last Stain

The Last Stain

the story of two “small time stick up” kids who question whether hustling is really worth their lives.

VIP 2007


Youth producers

Tracey Preacely

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Chicago Vocational Career Academy

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Wow, im at lost for words with that preview. I liked everything about that preview because the editing was clean, the music went with the scenes, and most importantly, there was a unique kind swag to it. If i could grader higher, i would;ve gave it a 10/5.

Rowvin Dizon  |  October 02, 2008

This is very well done. Good job!

Aram Lee  |  September 12, 2008

i wanted to see the was a geat preview.oya my dad is dennis preacely are u kin? p.s. w/b

demarcus preacely  |  June 23, 2008

Enjoyed it. I thought the lead actor was very genuine and the pacing and music were very good.

Steve Bartlebaugh  |  June 18, 2007

Excellent entertainment - keep up the good work!

tom moriarty  |  June 16, 2007

A great effort by Roger Badesch and his students. I met some of the students and am impressed with their professionalism and energy!

Steve Ruxton  |  June 16, 2007

This was done by kids??!! Great stuff!

Ross Frellick  |  June 16, 2007

Outstanding video production - great flow of storyline, great acting, dialogue is intelligent.

Bob  |  June 15, 2007

What can I say? This is an amazing production! Top scores all the way across!

Roger  |  June 15, 2007

Get the word out about the Last Stain - great short film

ST  |  June 15, 2007

Excellent storytelling - well edited

Steven  |  June 15, 2007

Great job! I thought that the story had a great lesson. Creative film shots: the shoes for example. The ending left me curious as to what he was going to do next. Acting well, sound, and lighting well done for this short.

Bob  |  June 14, 2007

very emotional. What a twist.

Scott  |  June 14, 2007

Great video. Love the building tension between the friends.

Larry  |  June 14, 2007

Movie looks great, good pacing, great music

Robert  |  June 14, 2007

Marvelous production.

Roger  |  June 14, 2007

Great production values, and impressive performances - particularly the two leads!

Ross Frellick  |  June 12, 2007

With all the students recently killed in the Chicago Public Schools, this film tugs at the heart strings of parents and kids alike. Well done and to the point.

Kitty  |  June 12, 2007

Really hit a major chord. Great production.

Kathy O.  |  June 11, 2007

I really liked the last scene, great cuts.

Meaghan Santon  |  June 11, 2007

The lighting, sound quality and even the video itself was up top most quality. The shots were well planned and everything was just so well done.

Soni Saxena  |  June 11, 2007

I loved how well done and professional this piece looked. It was very inspirational and moved me in the end when the good guy dies. In a sense it's not your average everyday story and so it shocked me a little. This piece was quite enjoyable.

Christine  |  June 11, 2007

Very interesting film. Really enjoyed it.

pat  |  June 11, 2007

This was a movie that many can identify with and demonstrates the importance of thinking before acting.

FG  |  June 11, 2007

sure winner; great job

Barb S  |  June 10, 2007

very inspiring and professional looking.

betty mayian  |  June 10, 2007


LW  |  June 09, 2007

This movie is amazing, it keeps you guessing whats going to happen next. And an amazing cast as well.

isiah hammonds  |  June 04, 2007

Who ever did the soundtrack big ups but as the movie what an amazing 17 minutes

Lennell Davis Jr.  |  June 04, 2007

This film looks professional, the lighting, the camera work, even good acting. Very well done. The ending was so predictable though. Would have like to seen something different, but again it's not my film. Good job and keep working to improve.

Damian  |  June 03, 2007

The Director did a good job with the camera angles, very unique. The acting was great, so was the choice of music. The only thing wrong with this film is that it was too predictable. As soon as they picked up the wrong bag and it had money, I knew the big guys would find them, and one, maybe both of the boys would get killed over it. Still good though

Jay  |  June 03, 2007

i have to say this was probably the best narrative ive seen on this site... i liked that it was the classic switch of the bags story... though i feel bad that it was the good kid who died in the end... but it made it more powerful and less cliche!... great story really liked it!

jack  |  June 02, 2007

I just came across this flick. It's HOT!

HM  |  June 01, 2007

I can't believe how great this video is. Who made this?

CV  |  June 01, 2007

WOW! High school kids made this? WOW! This is fantastic! I'd love to see the full length version. Is this the video that won a national student 'Emmy'?

RB  |  June 01, 2007

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